NOLA Coffee Punch

In 2015, I celebrated my birthday in the wonderful New Orleans. Before then, I had never been to this festive city to be able to experience all the wonderful food and drink offered to patrons and passersby. The first night, after an amazing meal at the historical Brennan’s, I decided to make sport of trying a plethora of various cocktails offered at each bar on Bourbon Street. Which of course I paid for the next morning when I awoke with blurred vision and an incoming headache.

Luckily, New Orleans also had a number of restaurants open early morning to cure one’s first night of rookie mistakes. Each restaurant had their heavenly entrees and of course, necessary adult beverages for those a glutton.

This cocktail is a staple for residents and visitors looking to continue the good fight for a good time. Hopefully this can aid you on a challenging morning. But remember to enjoy this cocktail responsibly and with a delicious BRUNCH menu.

Makes 1 serving


2 oz brandy liquor
1/2 cup fresh brewed coffee, slightly warm
1/4 cup whole milk
1 tsp powdered sugar
1 tsp cinnamon (nutmeg can be substituted)


In a shaker tin, fill 1/4 with ice. Add in brandy, milk, sugar and cinnamon. Shake vigorously, until milk is frothy.

In a pint glass, fill with ice. Pour coffee over ice, then strain and pour in brandy mix. Stir. Feel better



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