Fresh Watermelon Margarita

The watermelon peak season is almost over!! So before we say goodbye, let’s celebrate the Summer’s model fruit with this light, refreshing and absolutely delicious cocktail. Fresh crushed watermelon is the highlight of this party so make sure your pick is perfectly ripe. Enjoy this margarita alongside Coconut-Breaded Chicken, and give a proper ¡Adios! to the dog days of Summer.

Makes 2


1/4 cup peeled watermelon chunks, medium-sized pieces
2 oz silver tequila
1/4 oz watermelon pucker liqueur
1 lime, sliced
Sugar to rim glass


Take margarita glass and rim with sugar. Fill with ice and set to the side.

In a shaker tin, add in watermelon chunks, pucker, and 1-2 ice cubes. Then muddle together.

Fill shaker with about 1/2 cup ice, squeeze in 2 lime slices, add in tequila, then cover and shake vigorously.

Strain and pour over ice. Allow some watermelon chunks to fall into glass.

Garnish with lime slice.



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