Game Day Menu: NFL is Back!

As a proper Texan, it’s only natural that I am considerably more excited about this first week of NFL games than let’s say, most non-Texans are about Christmas. Christmas is a very, very close second, but there is just something about football season that magically takes over the 3 1/2 evenings of the 7 I’m allotted each week  with no resistnace (the 1/2 is for watching my Texas Tech Red Raiders. Wreck ‘Em Tech!). I’m very okay with being consumed with this sport until February. To make game time even more exciting for my husband, myself, and any guests who are willing to deal with our excessive celebration and obscene couch coaching; I will cook up a fun, savory spread of delicious finger-foods that take up the entire dining table. Everyone is perfectly fine with eating off table trays and coffee tables.

These recipes are very easy to make and perfect for a small buffet-style spread. And of course, there are some crowd-pleasing cocktails to keep the tailgate party going.



Texas Mule


Chorizo-Stuffed Hatch Chilies


Breaded Lemon-Pepper Chicken Legs


Bacon-Wrapped Peaches w/ Honey Yogurt


Apple-Cider Bourbon


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