Cooking and Cocktails thanks you for visiting. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with you. My love for food and ten plus years experience in the bar industry is the foundation for this site. But I know I wanted to create more than just recipe content for viewers. I wanted to offer something with purpose and perspective.
The vision for Cooking and Cocktails is to be able to enhance and elevate the individual’s experience of their daily grind. So often, everyone can get into a routine with work, school, spouses, kids, pets, etc… This creates tunnel vision from life’s simple pleasures. Food and cocktails are, to me, life’s basic pleasures. They should be created with love and enjoyed on the daily. But that’s hard to do in today’s world. So with this platform, I hope to have the opportunity to share these weekly menus with you so that you might create something special for yourself or create memorable moments with others.
**Cooking and Cocktails is committed to cooking with organic and/or humanely-treated proteins (cage-free poultry, grass-fed beef, etc) not treated with antibiotics or other unnatural additives. But like most people, we’re on a budget so I always look for deals, sales, and various options for healthier food items. Contact us if you would like tips on how to shop for these items on a smaller budget.


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